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  • A Merchant Cash Advance is a low cost alternative to a bank loan as the fees are tax deductible.
  • Merchant Cash Advances are suitable for businesses with good or bad credit and only 'soft' credit searches are performed which means it won't hurt your credit rating.
  • A Merchant Cash Advance is quick and easy to set up, without needing your life history or unnecessary business plans.
  • A Merchant Cash Advance is ideal for businesses which need short term finance or working capital coupled with flexible repayments.
  • E-commerce companies find a merchant cash advance perfect for the flexible business finance they need. Ideal for taking advantage of a bulk purchase deal for a fast selling product.
  • With over a 90% success rate, merchant cash advances are proving to be much more accessible than traditional bank loans.

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Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is a great new way to get business funding from future card transactions. Already popular in the United States, this system is perfect for any business which accepts cards as a method of payment. A merchant cash advance allows your business to get an advance on future card sales your business gets so is perfect for businesses which have seasonal fluctuations in sales or needs funds for expansion. The really great thing about a merchant cash advance rather than a bank loan for example, is that your business will only pay a percentage of future card sales to pay back the advance, so if your business is quiet it doesn't matter. This is what makes it a great method of funding for all sorts of businesses from shops to hotels.




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